Concert Orchestra

2020-2021 Concert Orchestra Roster


  • Hannah Abbey
  • Yasmine Barache
  • Vivian Barber
  • Kate Bassett
  • Peyton Clymer
  • Alex Condon
  • Donny Condon
  • Abby Daigle
  • Alexander Devieux
  • Niko Devieux
  • Meredith Eckler
  • Maya Friedlander
  • Arshia Ghaeli
  • Jordan Gionfriddo
  • Danielle Jung
  • Xander Metsch
  • Elise Mitchell
  • Eleanor Ross
  • Nicholas Rui
  • Akua Sakwa
  • Lauren Son
  • Candace Stallings
  • Alex Thean
  • William Xu
  • Alex Zhou
  • Mariami Zhuzhunashvili


  • Srinivas Arun
  • Jacob Gauthier
  • Caden Homlish
  • Cora Mitarotonda
  • Sanskriti Nepal
  • Anabelle Romps
  • Joanna Tubis
  • Vivian Williamson


  • Justin Borchert
  • Elora Chadbone
  • Gabrielle Jones
  • Noah Martins
  • Kaitlyn Mongin
  • Sophia Montgomery
  • Arielle Morales
  • Jack Ogren
  • Anthony Park
  • Aaina Qazi
  • Chloe Rodriguez
  • Max Schwinn
  • Alec Valdez
  • Daniel Winder
  • Madeline Yoder


  • Zach Cecelones
  • Sophia Maniscalco
  • Lily Pierce
  • Lilly Tillett

Concert Orchestra is a non-auditioned orchestra offered at Cherry Creek High School. It is open to any student who has played a string instrument for three years or more. Students in concert orchestra are exposed to a variety of literature, ranging from classical music, to pops music. Concert Orchestra is designed to train young musicians in the many aspects of string playing, with the goal of helping students successfully audition into one of the top orchestras. Concert orchestra has over 50 students, most of whom are freshman and sophomore students. This is a great class for students who just enjoy playing their instrument and do not want the stress of auditioning for a spot in one of our top orchestras. Concert Orchestra helps host our annual 8th grade / high school “pops” concert every year, where the orchestra students from Campus and West Middle School are invited to perform a concert with the Creek Orchestras. This event is always the highlight of the year for the students in Concert Orchestra.